Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Resources

News Sources:

Coindesk ( — is good with reporting timely news in an accurate manner. The publication is usually very comprehensive in its coverage and rehashes important news from regional media. So, it is a good place to hang around if you don’t want to miss out on any happenings in the crypto industry.

Bloomberg ( — The traditional media giant is somewhat infrequent in its cryptocurrency and blockchain reporting, but whenever it does report something, you can trust it to be a piece of significant news, deeply analytical, or otherwise to be at least very entertaining. Bloomberg’s reporting on Tether is by far my personal favorite, and I expect it to come up with more journalism to that tune. You can follow its crypto account on Twitter to keep track.

Diar ( — Diar is a weekly publication that provides in-depth analyses and summary of news related to digital assets. It is quite original in its reporting and can make a good read for anyone interested in exploring deeper into the cryptocurrency space.

Hard Fork – The Next Web ( — Hard Fork provides you with interesting and opinionated takes on important cryptocurrency and blockchain news from around the corner. You’ll find it a good read if you want to know what to make out of a particular news/event. (Disclaimer: I write for the publication.)

Fortune ( — If you want to keep track of major funding news in the cryptocurrency sphere, you may want to follow Fortune’s coverage. In addition, Fortune also reports extensively on the mainstream adoption of digital assets, regulations, and scams. The publication doesn’t have a dedicated section as of now, but you can follow various tags on its website such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, and bitcoin.

This page was last updated on March 03, 2019.